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Full Spectrum Vape Kit


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Full Spectrum Vape Kit - GreenGta
Full Spectrum Vape Kit - GreenGta
Full Spectrum Vape Kit - GreenGta

Vape Kit includes

1 . 0.5ml Cartridge 

1. 650 mAH Vape Battery 

1. USB Charger

Real Full spectrum CBD distillate with Blue dream or Pineapple express natural terpene profiles added. 

The Distillate is extracted from hemp using a CO2 process. It has been independently tested at 83.50% CBD. Total cannabinoid content is 91.29%

Rank Cannabinols %Value
1 CannaBiDiol 83.50
2 Delta-9 THC 3.50
3 CannaBiGerol 3.14
4 CannaBiDiVarin 0.67
5 Delta-9 THCV Acid 0.30



Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Blue Dream or Pineapple Express Organic Terpene profile add ons. 


*Pure CBD distillate (70%+) will crystalize at room temperature. Unlike many popular vapes, we do not adulterate our oil with "toxic" lubricants. If your product crystalizes, Don't Panic! This crystallization is normal for pure CBD.

Simply use the pre heat function on our vape battery (2 clicks)


650 mAH 510 threaded Battery and USB Charger

This battery even has a preheat function, making it perfect for pure CBD distillate, which is known to crystalize more easily!

Click the button two times to begin the 15 seconds preheat cycle

To turn on or off the battery, just click the button five times.

Twist the bottom to adjust the voltage


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A slice of heaven!

Thank you so much for running the specials and creating a product we can trust and count on!! I have used the Heal for a while now. I even won a bottle 🙌 for which I am grateful! Now getting to use 2 terpenes in vape form is nothing short of pure relaxation! My migraines tend to not be as intense and I can get to sleep easier when it happens! This product is so easy to use! Thank you! Xoxo

Handy Little Vape Pen

I really enjoy how easy-to-use and discreet this product is! It's effect is balancing and fast-acting. I take CBD for my anxiety mainly, but also use it for other things too (like pain and inflammation). I love the fact that this is a FULL SPECTRUM distillate too! That way I know I'm really getting everything I need in each dose.

Full spectrum- Pineapple Express

As a first time “vaper” I was pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the process. I felt the full spectrum CBD effects almost instantly. A relaxation effect without the high of THC. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs help winding down at night, for a restful sleep or for slowing down an active mind. Thank you Green Gt8 for a wonderful product 😊